Honduras Trip: Spiritual.

I have already hinted at this, but it was incredibly evident that the power of God is at work in Honduras.

When we were going from house to house we heard stories of people who are faithful to the church and stories of people who have been hurt by the church. But we had opportunities to pray for these people. And God is doing big things in those communities.

There were about 180 people who came to a little church building deep in the mountains and the service went on for about four hours!

At another church, there were children of all ages who showed up for the children’s program and then later for a bonfire.

I am confident that God has placed the church leaders in those communities there for a reason. He is opening people’s hearts and raising up workers. My prayer is that as Christians, both in Honduras and here, we are faithful to God’s call.

If you want more information about Mision Caribe check out their website: www.CaribbeanOutreach.net

Soli Deo gloria

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Honduras Trip: Emotional.

There was an array of emotions felt on this trip: joy, compassion, love, frustration, and peace.

The pure joy from the little children was contagious as they chased bubbles and held my hand.

Deep compassion welled up within listening to a youth pastor struggling to work full time to provide for his family, and find the time to do full time youth ministry.

Love for everyone we met, from the little children who live deep in the mountains to the street vendors near the stadium.

Frustrated with myself that I had to see the need first hand before I truly cared.

And peace that radiated from the pastors and staff while we were there. It was evident that their trust is in God, and God had given them His peace.

Soli Deo gloria

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Honduras Trip: Physical.

My wife and I, and a team from church, traveled to Honduras during spring break. And it was fantastic! I am going to break this trip down into three categories, like I did with my spring break experience last year.

First, it was hot. Upper 90′s all day everyday. Hot.

But other than the heat, the rest of the trip was not physically demanding, for me anyway. I can’t speak for the vehicles though.

We traveled over some tough terrain; Up and down mountains on dirt roads not even the width of a van, cliff side with a 200 foot drop, and bumper to bumper of city driving.

But the cars all worked and our bodies stayed healthy. Thank God.

Come back next week for the mental impact of the trip to Honduras.

Soli Deo gloria

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Encourage Bad Art.

I’ve got to start by saying this: I don’t think there is such a thing as bad art. I had to use that in the title to get your attention.

Obviously there are different pieces of art that we don’t resonate with as much. I have many friends that are talented musicians. Incredibly talented. And I love listening to their music. But I am not captivated and overwhelmed by every note that my friends write, but art is more than what’s on the surface.

I want to encourage them not only because that is what friends do for each other, but because their art could speak to someone else on a deeper level than I could ever know.

Also, you can encourage bad art without agreeing with its message. By encouraging artists, relationships grow; and conversation is allowed to take place.

So encourage your friends. The world will never reach a point where there are too many creative individuals. Let them know you care.

Soli Deo gloria.

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People Don’t Care.

If you have ever created art on any platform, from canvas to candle making, you have probably realized that people don’t care about your art. At least it feels like that at times.

You devote so much time and effort and hours and creativity into your project and when it’s completed….most people could care less about it.

It’s hard enough to get people to care about your art after you have made it. No one cares about what you are going to do.

Just do it.

If you have a hard enough time getting people to care about the art that you have created, then you are going to have a heck of a time getting them to care about ideas that you have for future art.

Worry less about compliments and more about creativity.

So just create.

Soli Deo gloria

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Another Week with Batman.

Yes, this is another post about my new cat. But there is meaning this time. Trust me.

So after having a cat for two weeks I’ve realized that cats can be really dumb sometimes.

He’ll get into this mode where he just starts chasing an invisible mouse? Or a clear laser pointer? I really have no idea what he is chasing, but he will freak out and parkour off the countertops and slide into cabinets chasing nothing.

While I was judging his stupidity I realized that sometimes we act dumber than this. We crash into things and spend effort chasing after things that we know are bad for us. At least the cat thinks he is chasing something that is worth it.

But we chase after and use energy on things that we know we should not be chasing after. I realized that we can be really dumb sometimes too.

I don’t want to act dumber than cats anymore.

Soli Deo gloria

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A Week with Batman.

Last Sunday my wife and I adopted a ten month old tuxedo cat. His name is Batman.

Now before you tell me how terrible that name is for a kitten let me tell you this: his name was Batman before we adopted him. It was destiny.

So far so good. He hasn’t torn up any of our furniture. He hasn’t left any scratches on us. And he was already litter box trained when we got him (thankfully).

Needless to say, he’s been pretty great so far. And my wanting to take pictures of him multiple times a day is at an all time high.


But what I find most interesting is the process of him becoming more comfortable with his new environment. From hiding under the chair all day to laying on top of my head, he has definitely made our apartment his new home.

There are multiple applications here, but they were all a stretch. So instead, this is just a post about my awesome cat Batman.

Soli Deo gloria

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